The bookkeeping / accounting software used is QuickBooks. In which is widely available and universally well known as solid, well tested and stable bookkeeping software.

Our bookkeeping services can be set up either on-site (at your office) or off-site (at ours).

On-site arrangement. The work is done at your office using your computer system and accounting software. Appointments can be arranged at a time that, as much as possible, matches your schedule. This service is available in or around Portland, Oregon.

Off-site arrangement. You provide the necessary paperwork and we manage the data using our computer system and software. Paperwork will be returned to you when completed.

There are advantages to either method:

On-Site Advantages:

· Data is input into your computer system at your business or home office. Your documents never leave your premises.

· Bookkeeping work is scheduled to be done at a time convenient to you so we can discuss your business transactions if necessary.

Off-Site Advantages:

· You furnish the necessary paperwork and the information will be input into our computer system. No requirement for you to own a computer or purchase accounting software.

· In addition to the hard copies of your paperwork, we also provide you with back-up copies of your data in digital format. A copy is also kept at our office so that in case your files are damaged or lost, we have aback-up copy.

· You don't need to own a computer to benefit from the advantages of computerized records.

· If you later decide to purchase a computer, all your records can be transferred onto it.

· No additional travel expense fees.

In either set up, you will be provided with periodic summary reports. You can also receive management reports.

Be assured that your financial information will be kept strictly confidential. The security of your business records is important to us. They will be maintained accurately and confidentially!


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